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Grant, L.M. 4 Alters of Abraham 00:21:05
Grant, L.M. Abraham's Four Altars 00:25:58
Grant, L.M. Building of God 00:38:34
Grant, L.M. Character of Building 00:21:28
Grant, L.M. Christ in Resurrection 00:50:01
Grant, L.M. Eating the Sin Offering 00:29:15
Grant, L.M. Gathering the Mannah 00:31:02
Grant, L.M. Hands of Christ 00:41:08
Grant, L.M. Hebrews 11,23 - 31 00:49:00
Grant, L.M. Jacob's History 02:17:38
Grant, L.M. Leah and Rahel 00:27:55
Grant, L.M. Lessons from the life of David 00:45:05
Grant, L.M. Parable of the marriage feast 00:42:20
Grant, L.M. Three prayers 00:43:32
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