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Atkins, J. The Treasure and the Pearl (Matt. 13) 00:32:55
Attwood, Simon Assembly authority 00:37:18
Billeter, Max Handelingen 20:1-8 01:20:52
Billeter, Max Ons gedrag in het huis van God 01:09:53
Billeter, Max Sacharja Kapitel 2 und 3 03:12:38
Blackburn, J.S. The more excellent way of love 00:56:03
Bremicker, Ernst August Bauen des Hauses Gottes in schwieriger Zeit (Haggai) 02:11:55
Bremicker, Ernst August Das Reich Gottes, die Versammlung Gottes 02:10:48
Brett, J. The House of God - our responsibilities (1 Tim. 1) 00:51:02
Briem, Christian Das Verhalten im Haus Gottes 04:11:18
Brockhaus, Rainer Die Versammlung Gottes 03:23:43
Brown, Ernest The Hope of the Church 00:35:16
Brown, Ernest The Lord's Supper 00:42:51
Clark, Hugh What is the Church - just a collection of individuals? 00:34:06
Combe, G. L'adoration 00:57:19
Combe, Pierre L'Assemblée 03:15:14
Bible Basics Conference 2007: Things God has prepared for us 07:14:12
Cross, Edwin Message to Laodicea 01:00:53
Cross, Edwin Sign Gifts 00:32:04
Davison, George Bridal aspects of the church 00:47:43
Davison, George The Church 01:56:08
Dronsfield, Paul Types and the church 00:09:33
Fleet, Nick Where are the elders, bishops, deacons, etc.? 00:30:31
Grant, L.M. Building of God 00:38:34
Hardt, Michael Why are there so many different churches today? 00:26:24
Hawes, Geoff Gifts - Sources, Uses, Oppertunities and Dangers 00:38:56
Heijkoop, Hendrik L. 6 Vorträge über 1. Korinther 10-14 07:49:15
Hole, F.B. Features of the early church 02:17:53
Hughes, Gavin What are 'assembly meetings'? 00:26:20
Müller, Manfred Drei Vorträge über den Epheserbrief 04:10:52
Paterson, Daniel W. The House of God 04:11:06
Paterson, Daniel W. The table of the Lord 00:45:52
Poots, Andrew What is the relationship between assemblies? 00:36:09
Remmers, Arend Der Brief an Philemon 02:31:26
Remmers, Arend Der Herr das Haupt in der Versammlung 02:44:47
Remmers, Arend Die Praxis des Versammlungslebens 01:56:03
Remmers, Arend Die Versammlung Gottes 02:45:58
Runkel, Walter Der Überwinder im Verfall der Kirche 03:18:28
Sander, Klaus Die örtliche Versammlung im NT 03:38:25
Thurston, S. Laodicea 00:28:16
Thurston, S. Whose is the priesthood? 00:55:52
Vogelsang, Michael Acts 20 00:49:44
Vogelsang, Michael Die örtliche Versammlung in der Apostelgeschichte 03:09:22
Vogelsang, Michael Die Versammlung Gottes 02:41:31
Vogelsang, Michael Practical unity amongst the Ph 00:25:20
Vogelsang, Michael Rebuilding the House of God 00:18:47
Wallace, Frank There is One Body 00:43:33
Warnes, Graham Who can break bread? 00:24:01
Zielfeld, Horst Deinem Haus geziemt Heiligkeit 03:41:37
Zielfeld, Horst Der Philipperbrief - praktisch für unser Leben 03:15:11
Zielfeld, Horst Die Versammlung Gottes in Matthäus 03:38:19
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