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Anderson, Norman Follow me 00:22:21
Atkins, J. Looking unto Jesus (Matt. 27) 00:39:46
Blackburn, J.S. Come, take, learn (Matt. 11) 00:43:51
Blackburn, J.S. Committed to Christ 00:38:00
Bremicker, Ernst August Der verlorene Sohn (Lukas 15) 00:51:33
Bremicker, Ernst August Werk des Herrn 02:08:42
Brett, J. Suffering as a Christian (1 Pet 1) 01:04:07
Huessy, Ewald Paul's devotion 01:05:36
Johnson, M. Discipleship 00:45:07
Jordan, E. Be My disciple 00:43:36
Nashed, Emil Lecture by Emil Nashed (Canterbury 2007) 00:50:11
Paterson, Daniel W. The call of God (as exemplified in Abraham) 00:44:33
Poots, Andrew Devotion 01:01:59
Remmers, Arend Das Alte Testament 04:23:27
Remmers, Arend Die Bergpredigt 02:04:12
Skarabis, Johannes Begegnungen mit Jesus Christus 03:41:22
Skelton, Rob How to please God 00:46:40
Smart, Alan The disciple whom Jesus loved 00:28:52
Smart, Alan Things we ought to do 00:29:40
Thurston, S. The Father's house - our house 00:28:04
Vogelsang, Michael Dem Herrn dienen 02:48:34
Vogelsang, Michael Die Jugendzeit - Privileg, Bürde oder Chance 02:41:32
Wallace, Frank Discipleship 03:55:21
Wallace, Frank Heavenly minded 00:17:26
Warnes, Graham Romains 12:1 00:59:26
Weber, Karl-Heinz Das geistliche Wachstum des Gläubigen 03:27:59
Wilts, Harm Jüngerschaft 01:08:49
Zielfeld, Horst Hingabe und Nachfolge an den Herrn 03:07:58
New: Prophetie (1 von 3) (Ernst August Bremicker)
Be My disciple (E. Jordan)
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