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The objective of those responsible for www.audioteaching.org is to provide a selection of good Christian lectures on-line. In this way, you can listen to lectures on-line or you can burn them onto CD's at home.
We hope that, as a consequence of this work, men and women will be led to God, and that believers will be acquainted more deeply with His Word.

The lectures deal with a variety of topics which are of interest to all Christians. Most lectures will fall into one of the following categories:

Exegesis: thorough explanation of one or more passages from the Bible, with the main objective of leading to a better understanding of the Biblical text
Application: exposition of one or more passages with the objective of deriving practical lessons for Christian living
Topics: starting from questions regarding a particular topic, various passages from the Bible are consulted in order to arrive at a balanced presentation of the topic from a Biblical perspective.

In many cases, the speaker will aim at combining thorough exegesis with practical applications and/or presentation of a topic. God's Word is still the 'lamp unto my feet' and the 'light unto my path' (Ps. 119:105).

The lectures made available on this website have been uploaded with each speaker's permission and are subject to copyright.

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